Hi, I'm Guy Marshall - Graphic & Digital Designer

Specialising in Brand Consultancy, Digital Design and Production Directing as well as offering a range of services including; Logos, Print, Film, Websites and Art Direction.

Approaching every brief with an understanding of your audience means that your message can be clearly communicated through uniquely tailored design. I aspire to create engaging visuals through well considered design. From creating a company logo to designing a website, design provides problem solving solutions for branding and communications.

Having over twenty years of experience in the design industry, I have gained strong understandings of design solutions, giving me a realistic insight into the potential of design.

If required, I have the connections to lead and pull together a team of design specialists.

Based in Canterbury, Kent.

In partnership with Harrison Marshall, graphic designer based in Kent and Surrey, England. Specialising in producing visual identities through branding, editorial and typography design.

Main services

Brand/Branding, Illustration,
Print Design, Digital Design, 3D, Motion & Film

Speciality services